Working with CEI

Finding your next job does not need to be a chore.



We all have personal and work obligations, so the added responsibilities of a thorough job search only strain us further. Rather than exhausting yourself seeking your next job, reach out to the CEI Group. Years of staffing experience have refined the ability of our technical recruiters to quickly and precisely match your top priorities with the right full time or contract position.


How does our process work?


Here’s a glimpse at what it’s like working with the CEI Group:


1.) Every partnership starts with our perceptive recruiters asking questions to unveil the facts beyond a candidate’s qualifications. Our goal is to find what you want out of your job, your work atmosphere, and even your future coworkers. Our technical recruiters build a solid relationship early to streamline the process later.


2.) Once we understand your career goals, the search process begins. We use best-in-breed technology, in-depth understanding of clients, and our extensive network to match job seekers with compatible positions. Listening upfront guides our search and removes the burden of searching from you.


3.) From there, we present positions that satisfy your work criteria. We arrange the interview, brief you on the company, and provide prompt updates on hiring decisions. Our candidates are given every advantage necessary for a successful interview.


4.) The partnership does not end when the placement is made. Our technical recruiters remain in regular contact during the initial weeks of a permanent placement or contract, ensuring that onboarding goes smoothly and any concerns are quickly addressed. We put effort into fostering relationships that last for this position and beyond.


In every situation, the CEI Group is committed to reducing the stress of your next job search. Our recruiters wield all the resources at their disposal to connect incredible technical talent with companies that will advance their career. Check out our job board or apply with us today.