Our Process

Finding the right candidates in a tough market takes a clear process.



Over the years, the CEI Group has perfected the way we fill open positions, striving to eliminate any margin for error in the staffing process. Our seasoned expertise, state-of-the-art staffing tools, and personalized touch ensure every placement is on time and on budget. We bring that level of commitment to every contract, contract to hire, and direct hire position.

Here’s a snapshot of what our technical staffing services look like in practice:


Meet Face to Face


An on-site visit is essential. Face-to-face meetings reveal the most about our client’s business, technical initiatives, work environment, and team dynamic. We want to see where candidates will be sitting and who will be their coworkers. Our mobile ATS gives us the freedom to leave the office and quickly gain a full understanding of who will fit when we commit to filling your job order.


Conduct Research


Our upfront research allows for a speedy sourcing process. We review our extensive database for compatible high quality candidates. We go beyond traditional job boards and social media by using targeted recruiting, networking, and referrals to find precise fits for your latest role.


Run Screening Process


By the time a candidate is presented, our recruiters have gone through a thorough screening process. We ask the right questions to ensure our submittals are nothing but high quality. That way, we can explain who the candidate is, what they offer, and what benefit they’ll deliver to your organization. We check references and conduct client requested background checks.


Foster Long Term Partnership


Our partnerships stay strong after the offer is made. Account managers meet with clients and candidates to ensure the arrangement is satisfactory. We take feedback from these meetings to improve our process going forward and perfect future placements.


At the end of the day, the CEI Group is committed to simplifying the hiring process. Whether that involves the above techniques or new strategies to keep ahead of an evolving industry, you can trust us to do everything possible to provide the best possible talent through our technical staffing services.